🗓 TukTuk Weekly Update — 16/8/2021

  1. ttUSD Audit by Inspex

Our team have completed the migration. We will be opening mint/redeem function on Wednesday, 18th August 2021 UTC+7. We are currently waiting for Inspex’s final check and publishing our full report.

2. Gacha Ticket Donate for Covid

We have completed the donation.

2,832 Tickets ($3,540)

80% donated = $2,832

Our team contributed to the donation arriving at the final amount of 95,000 Thai Baht.

We donated 95 trips worth of Mobile Covid-19 testing and treatment (1000 Baht per trip) to “Zendai” Community

More information can be found here



3. New Limited-Time Event! for a period of 10 days, on 17th August 2021 — 27th August 2021 UTC+7 We are opening a new purchase method for Gacha Tickets.

Price: 40 Tuk + 100 cTuk

We have also added new NFT Collectibles #13, #14, #15 are available.

4. Our NEW TUK logo have been designed. There will be a community vote for the approval of this new logo.


5. We will be updating our roadmap and providing more information about our plans for the features of our products within this week. Stay tuned!

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