TukTuk Weekly Update — 9/8/2021

1. All issues from ttUSD’s Audit by Inspex have been resolved. We are waiting for the final reassessment and the final report should be announced after 16th August 2021.

2. Gacha Ticket Donate for Covid
We have sold a total of 2,832 Tickets ($3,540), as announced, 80% of this ($2,832) will be donated. Donation channels will be chosen by the community votes.

3. 10th August 2021, 21:00 UTC+7. We are adding ttUSD-Lorem on both BSC and BKC farms. LoremBoard is our partner that allows us to track our portfolio on BitkubChain. https://kub.loremboard.finance/dashboard

4. Our upcoming feature on TukTuk Space is AMM Orderbook, we will become the first DeFi project to have Bid and Offer features using ttUSD. We will be adding the following pairs: ttUSD-BTC, ttUSD-ETH, ttUSD-BNB. When you place any Bids/Offers, while waiting for your bids/offers to be met, you will be able to receive yields from farming as well. This will allow our users to come up with several strategies such as farming + DCA, Stop Loss or Hedging.

5. One of Marketplace’s features is Collateralized NFT Lending. We will also be the first DeFi project that allows users to use their NFT as collateral and lend out Stable Coins. More information will be released in our doc soon.

6. We will be remaking our TUK token’s icon to get ready to list on CoinGecko.

TukTuk’s developer team aims to create differences among various DeFi projects with our new features to become unique. What we plan to do are mostly features that none of the projects in DeFi have done before. We will start on a small-scale which allows us to rapidly develop our products to satisfy user needs and create value in our project. Although we see the importance of marketing, we have not neglected this area but we will be putting it on hold until our main products and more use-cases are ready. This will allow our marketing funds to be used at its highest potential and worthwhile.

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